By Megan Smiley, Jun 10 2014 08:44AM

It's getting to that time of the year when people are planning, packing and heading off on holiday, so the health and fitness world decides there's little else to talk about than getting that beach body we all dream of. But in reality if you're flying to a sunny paradise any time soon what can a few weeks of this beach body regime really do?

Of course if you hit it really hard, both training and nutrition wise, you will no doubt improve matters. However, if you go with one of the faddy 30 day challenges that require little time and effort will the 'challenge' pay off and make a noticeable difference?

Maybe a little bit, but with health and fitness as with many things in life if you try to cut corners and achieve something in less time than it normally takes the results aren't really of any worth.

So what's the answer? Basically there isn't a magic answer, yes if you started training and looking at your diet a lot earlier in the year giving yourself plenty of time you could get 'real' results but with the longest day around the corner, summer is already here and probably your holiday too.

So I suggest you get excited about going away and yeah try and ramp up your training, eat healthier but how about also spending a small amount of time learning some basic phrases in the local language for where you're holidaying? Because I'm pretty sure the effort to appreciation ratio will be better for that than the results of a quick fix beach body regime!