The Real Dangers of Food

By Megan Smiley, May 12 2017 08:07AM

It seems like every time you hear the news there’s another food that’s become dangerous. The recent one I thought was a little ridiculous was burnt toast and potatoes, you would have to eat a LOT of burnt toast and/or potatoes for it to be harmful and who would do that? It’s not like they are tastier burnt or that you can’t help yourself putting toast down for a second time to achieve that burnt je ne sais quoi. So generally I tend to ignore/take with a big pinch of salt all these stories of the latest food that is bad for you. When you look into it, most of the claims are from pretty small samples or often not on humans (the burnt toast/potatoes was only proven in mice).

I think there are hidden dangers in food though, ones you don’t hear about in the news, and I’m not talking freak occurrences like the Sunny D river or the goats cheese fire that I would never have heard of but for the recent Guardian article.

I’m talking less newsworthy dangers but those that happen to all of us on a regular basis. The crusty bread that lacerates your mouth, the hot soup that burns your tongue, your over zealous chomping that causes you to bite half your cheek off, now these any the real dangers of food! Then there are the dangers not due to the eating but the preparing. The cuts (especially when you have just bought a new kitchen knife and aren’t using the blunt, pathetic knife you’re used to), the burns from your hand-eye coordination letting you down when reaching into the oven, and the list goes on.

Then there are ones that I’ve experienced that might be a little less common: the fine bones of anchovies getting embedded into the roof of my mouth and spiralizing my index finger trying to get that final courgetti strand out of my courgette.

As with most things in life that are rewarding, fun and pleasurable, and I think eating is up there in all three of those areas, then they come at a price and I’ll take the (probably more often than should be with me) food related injuries and potential links to health damaging effects for the enjoyment of eating any day!

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