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The Lion, the PT and the Warm Up!

By megansianprosser, May 20 2014 03:26PM

Before becoming a personal trainer I worked for the international development charity Right To Play who use sport and play to help disadvantaged children and youth around the world.

Last week was Right To Play's annual 5k run in Battersea Park, London so I went along to not only show my support by running the 5k but to lead the pre-race warm up for the 250 plus participants taking part in the run.

Warming people up in the sunshine in a park is nothing new for me, however doing it with a Lion by my side, and not just any old Lion but Chelsea FC's Stamford the Lion, was most definitely something new! Stamford performed dynamic stretches including squats and side lunges beautifully, he even accidentally attracted a small child to ambush the stage at one point!

Right To Play is a charity that will always be close to my heart not just because I worked there for a number of years but for the fact that what they do is amazing – giving children their fundamental right to play, and helping them to develop life skills through the activities they deliver.

As a personal trainer and fitness professional I can vouch for the power of physical activity be it for children, adults or lions - it's an amazingly powerful tool for making people happier and for making the world a more positive place.

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