New Year But Nothing New!

By Megan Smiley, Jan 5 2018 09:13AM

With social media full of reflective posts, goals for the year ahead and New Year resolutions, I couldn't help but be drawn in and do a little of that myself!

So 2017 was a year of getting stuff sorted and getting all my ducks in line. From rehabilitation on my foot, to tying up life in London, moving to Glasgow, settling into a new home/city/country and setting up my personal training business here. So as you can imagine there's been many a list and a few spreadsheets. But I feel that, not without a bit of stress, uncertainty and ongoing hard work, I'm getting there and life in Glasgow is starting to feel like the norm rather than a prolonged trip away/diy boot camp! I'm even, much to my (Scottish) husband's hilarity/embarrassment, picking up some Scottish mannerisms, albeit used in the wrong context and settings!

So my mantra for 2018 is keep doing the same as 2017! I can't really say it's a New Year’s resolution as it's not new. But as we all know things can have the tendency to slow down or stop completely after an initial burst of enthusiasm and energy. You then get stuck in a rut, forget your initial goals and ideas, and settle for what you currently have. But not this time, I'm not going to settle, I'm going to keep going (those ducks keep moving out of line and you may know how I don't like untidy things!). So I’ll continue pushing and promoting my PT business, I’ll keep increasing my running and building the strength back in my foot and leg, I’ll keep decorating (over half the house is now done). And I’ll keep being over friendly, verging on slightly desperate when meeting new people who could be potential friends/clients/tradesmen!

Then perhaps next year I can have a New Year’s resolution to slow down, hopefully being able to feel smug about my 2018 accomplishments!

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